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Stats or 'Statistics' is the area in We Happy Few that tells the player the current status of their character. It tracks current needs, vitals, attributes, and effects.


  • Health - The percentage of the character's overall health.
  • Joy - The percentage of Joy currently in the character's system.
  • Memory Loss - The percentage of memory loss issues the character is currently suffering from.


  • Fatigue - Shows the character's rested status.
  • Hunger - The level of fullness. Decreases over time to a hunger state. Being hungry will reduce the character's overall health level.
  • Thirst - The level of hydration. Decreases over time to a thirty state. Being thirsty will reduce the character's overall health level.


  • Encumbrance - The current weight in the player's inventory as compared to the current allowed weight. Going over the available allowance will slow the character down drastically.
  • Armor - The amount of armor the character has currently.
  • Move Speed - How fast the character can move. An over-burdened character will move much slower, or possibly not at all. The limit is 135.

Status EffectsEdit

Combat Edit

In Combat: People are attacking you because:

  • Breaking Curfew
  • Dressed innappropriately
  • Drug state
  • Hitting Something
  • Not infected
  • Strange Behaviour (Shoving)
  • Strange Behaviour (Sprinting)
  • Strange Behaviour (Landing)
  • Theft
  • They don't like you
  • Tresspassing
  • Using a weapon

Drugs Edit

  • Adrenastim: Stamina Boost - Increases your stamina regeneration by 100% (1 minute)
  • Antichoke: (lasts for 5 minutes in game)
  • Chronobalm: (lasts for 15 seconds)
  • Coagulon: Reduces bleeding rate for new wounds; eliminates bleeding if taken while bleeding. (1 minute and 10 seconds)
  • Feramyle Syringe: Stamina Boost - Increases your stamina regeneration by 100% (1 minute)
  • Go Go Juice: Fully heals health and stamina, and increases health and stamina regeneration rate for the duration of the GoGo Juice. (2,5 minutes in game)
  • Go Go Juice Withdrawal: Health and stamina are reduced to very low states and will not increase until the crash duration has ended. (20 seconds)
  • Hallucinating: Things are no longer quite what they seem. (1,5 minutes)
  • Mojo: Doctors can't smell you anymore, (10 minutes)
  • Omniproof: Immunity to Doctor's injection for the duration of the dose.
  • Overdrive:
  • Phlash: Increases your movement speed by 25% (10 seconds)
  • Somnambulax: (lasts for 24 hours in game)
  • Stoic: Subsequent administration of Joy has no effect for the duration of Stoic. (20 seconds)
  • Sunshine: It seems to everyone else that you are on Joy. (30 seconds)

Health/Misc Edit

  • Blood Sugar: The level of sugar in Ollie's blood. Not too high or low is best.
  • Blood Sugar (High): Slowly damages Ollie's health. Blood sugar decreases over time.
  • Blood Sugar (Low): Reduces maximum stamina and makes Ollie hangry. Can be treated with sweet food or a glucose syringe.
  • Food Poisoned (Mild): Causes dizzy spells until cured or lapses naturally
  • Food Poisoned (Serious): Causes bouts of vomiting until cured or hunger is depleted.
  • Hidden: You are concealed.
  • Hydrated: Stamina drains more slowly when sprinting.
  • Maternal Glow: Parental resolve to eschew sleep that little bit longer, run that little bit further, fight that little bit harder.
  • Rested: Improved attack damage and reduced stamina drain from combat.
  • Well Fed: Increases your maximum stamina.

Joy Edit

  • Joy: Helps to conform with good society - Reduces suspicion from Wellies.
  • Joy Hangover: Taking too much Joy is making you forget important things, making you freak out, drawing double suspicion, draining hunger and thirst, and reducing max stamina.
  • Joy Overdose: The Joy is driving now. Basic tasks will be inpossible, as well as moving stealthily.
  • Joy Withdrawal: You are suffering Joy Withdrawal.

Injury Edit

  • Injured: Minor damage taken.
  • Injured: Major damage taken.

Suspicion Edit

Suspicious: People will be suspicious. Are you following the rules?

  • Attacking
  • Breaking Curfew
  • Dressed innappropriately
  • Drug state
  • Hitting Something
  • Not infected
  • Strange Behaviour (Shoving)
  • Strange Behaviour (Sprinting)
  • Strange Behaviour (Landing)
  • Theft
  • They don't like you
  • Tresspassing
  • Using a weapon

Passive EffectsEdit

Books Edit

  • Artful Hands (Increases speed of disarming traps by a small amount.) 0/3
  • A Stitch in Time (Increases durability of crafted blending suits by 10%.) 0/10
  • Bang On (Increase damage by explosive weapons by 2%.) 0/10
  • Battler (Attacks with melee weapons do slightly more damage.) 0/10
  • Bludgeoner (All attacks cost 5% less stamina.) 0/5
  • Brawler (Attacks with fists do slightly more damage.) 0/10
  • British Craftsmanship (Increases durability of crafted weapons by a small amount.) 0/2
  • Chemist (Crafting no longer requires Rank 1 chemical stations.) 0/1
  • Clean Plate Award (Food increases max stamina for longer time.) 0/1
  • Clubber (Melee attacks have slight change to kill enemies in one shot.) 0/10
  • Counterpuncher (Blocking an attack has a 5% chance of stunning the opponent.) 0/10
  • Creeper (Reduces noises caused by 10%) 0/5
  • Early Bird (Sleep gives slightly more health.) 0/1
  • Engineer (Crafting no longer requires Rank 1 mechanical stations.) 0/1
  • Finger Pointer (2% chance to make NPC turn on others by talking to them.) 0/10
  • Frugal Burglar (When you use a trap disarming tool, it won't break on the first time.) 0/1
  • Guide to Fitting In (Reduces all suspicion rates by a small amount.) 0/5
  • Haggley (Gives a small chance of getting a discount when buying items.) 0/10
  • I Know Who I Am (Sources of Joy accumulate 10% slower.) 0/3
  • Intimidator (Last NPC left in combat has small change to leave items and run away.) 0/2
  • Iron Lung (Decreases damage taken by toxic night fog by a small amount.) 0/10
  • Keep the Lights On (Reduces consumption rate of powered items by 2%.) 0/5
  • Long Distance Runner (Increases maximum stamina by 5%.) 0/5
  • Master Tinker (Increase chance of doubling durability of crafted items.) 0/4
  • Nimple Hands (Increases speed of crafting by 10%.) 0/4
  • Prestidigitator (Increases area of distraction devices by 3%.) 0/10
  • Scrounger (2% chance to find extra items when looting.) 0/5
  • Sleep is the Poor Man's Dinner (Sleep makes you slightly less and hungry and thirsty than before) 0/2
  • Stiff Upper Lip (Reduces all damage taken by a small amount) 0/5
  • Strangler (Increases speed of stealth takedowns by a small amount.) 0/3
  • Survivor (Healing items give 10% more health and activate 20% faster.) 0/2
  • The Importance of Not Being Seen (Hostile NPCs forget about you slightly faster.) 0/2
  • Tosser (Increases damage dealt by thrown weapons by small amount.) 0/10
  • Undertaker (Increase corpse carrying speed and movement speed by 20%.) 0/3
  • Weapon Breaker Manual (Melee weapons have a small chance of breaking opponent's weapon) 0/5
  • You Seem Familiar Somehow (Reduces Crier suspicion by 5%.) 0/4

Outfits Edit

Glitches Edit

  • When the player has more status effects than capable, the status menu will freak out.
  • The status effect for Antichoke and Chronobalm doesn't have a description.
  • The status effect for Overdrive and Somnambulax doesn't appear.
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