Start Spreading the News is a Story Mode quest in We Happy Few. Arthur unlocks this quest after attempting to enter Haworth Labs, but is denied as he needs a press pass in order to enter.


In-Game DescriptionEdit

I wonder if Mrs. Oliphant could use another reporter. She always liked me. I was a damn good reporter, too, until I sort of disappeared on her.

No receptionist. I probably shouldn't hold my breath waiting for her to come back, either. I'll need to find a clever way upstairs.

The prodigal son returneth, right? I hope she remembers me fondly. I hope she's forgotten I let her down.

Gemma's not been seen in a few days. That's odd. She was always so punctual.

I wonder if she's got in trouble investigating awkward secrets. She never did know when to drop a story. Maybe there are clues on her desk.

I have a feeling she got into something big... and inconvenient for someone. But I don't have enough to go on, not yet. I better see if she's at home.


After being denied access to enter Haworth Labs without a press pass, Arthur decides to recieve one from his old job at The Hamlyn "O" Courant. 

Once entering the office building, Arthur notices that all of the workers are too busy with their work to help him get upstairs, there is also a bobby patrolling the office. Arthur will have to fix the coffee machine in the corner of the room to distract them.

In order to get upstairs there are two paths the player can take, unlocking the Authorized Personel room and sneak through the vent inside. Or they can steal a Newspaper Employee Card from one of the worker's desks to unlock the doors.

Once upstairs, Arthur heads into the Editor in Chief's office. Arthur asks if she is in need of a reporter, to which she responds by stating she's got half a dozen of them already, she then mentions that Gemma was doing an investigation on Dr. Verloc but hasn't been seen in days. Arthur decides to finish her investigation in order to recieve the press pass.

By going downstairs and searching her desk, Arthur decides to drop by her house in order to get more information regarding the situation.

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