St. George's Holm is a location in Wellington Wells, as well as the last Holm the player sets foot in. It connects to Maidenholm, Holm of Uskglass, and the Parade District.


St. George's Holm is the largest Holm in the Village, consisting of up to two sections that connects via a road. However, this may be different depending on the Act.

St. George's Holm is a huge neighborhood with colorful houses all connected to each other, there are a couple circular and corner parks throughout, as well as some alleyways with Rubbish Bins that the player can hide in to escape WelliesBobbies, Joy Doctors, and Peepers.

It's in St. George's Holm that the player discovers more of the heinous parts of what is going on in Wellington Wells.


In order to stay on the safe side in Hamlyn Village, the player must wear one of the following outfits:

Wearing anything other than these outfits will raise suspicion from NPCs and cause them to become hostile.

Point of Interest

Some of these places change location between Acts.


Some of these shops change location between Acts.



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