Squaring the Circle is a story quest for Sally Boyle taking place in Lud's Holm.

Background Edit

After assisting the witches with their strange chest, Sally is asked to investigate the Wedding Party Stones, a small cluster of pillar-like stones similar to Stonehenge that allegedly holds 'significant magical power.'

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Travel to the Wedding Party Stones Edit

Simply walk to them from the Witches' Peak. They should be marked on your map.

Collect the Poison Edit

Before this objective pops up you should've seen a cutscene depicting members of the Space God Cult talking about the poison they're brewing in preparation for a mass suicide.

To get to the poison, you will have to dispatch a few members at the minimum since they'll be patrolling the area, with one stirring it. Because they're widespread, if you want to use glass bottles you may only be able to distract a few of them at a time. Use this in conjunction with AOE weapons to take out a crowd quickly and efficiently.

Once you eliminate the cultists by whatever means you please, walk over to the poison and interact with it to collect it.

Report Back to the Witches' Crag Edit

Head back to the mountain on which the witches live and report to them. They'll be dismayed to know that the cultists are preparing for the mass suicide, and want Sally to stop them.

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Trivia Edit

  • The quest reveals that the Space God People are the owners of the large mansion that sits within the Garden District, at least as of October 14th.
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