spud dropped by. ta da!

i hope gwen never remembers the look on his face. like she was all his anguish.

i have to get gwen out of here. we have to get the hell out of Wellington Wells. those poor babies after those germs left. the breeder riots.

sooner or later someone is going to make it upstairs and i will fail to put them down with an emergency kit in time, and then the doctors will come and i don't even want to think about the rest of it.

who can help us? dr v hates me with a fiery passion of his cold dead heart. & i don't want to think what the quid would be for the generals quo.

i wish arthur and me were still the 2 musketeers but whens the day i don't wish that.

this morning i woke up and there she was breathing so quiet and tiny and helpless and i thought i could just squeeze her tight and keep squeezing and it wouldn't be long and she wouldn't cry any more.

i am a horrible human being. Mums daughter that's sure.

and i want everything in the world for her and she could be so much better than me so long as shes inherited her fathers brains and not his heart

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