Speaker's Corner is a side quest in We Happy Few. It begins when Arthur approaches Eric Blair Park.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Oh, he seems to be getting along brilliantly.

He's really got a knack for  public speaking. He should run for the Executive Committee. Plus now he's got enough tomatoes for a salad.

Help William post a stack of fliers.

Let's see if old Bill Godwin can win over the crowd this time.

I hope he's happy.


  • Listen To William Godwin Rant
  • Talk To William Godwin
  • Post Seditious Fliers
  • Talk to William Godwin


After approaching Eric Blair Park and talking to William Godwin, Arthur will be tasked to post his flyers around Maidenholm. There are three boards where they can be hung up and their locations are shown on the map.

If the player doesn't want to start that much of a ruckus in front of all the Wellies, the player can post them during the night, as there is a chance for no bobbies to be present around the boards. Be aware that there might be a Wellie patroling it though.

After posting all three flyers, head back to William and retrieve a Crash Syringe, 3 Skillpoints and the things in his suitcase.

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