The faces on the Spanker TVs, drawn by Sarah Hamilton.

Spankers is a type of Joy Detector found in Hamlyn Village of We Happy Few.

Spankers can be found primarily in police stations, bridge tolls, and other important buildings. They can also be found in residential houses in Hamlyn Village, Dr. Faraday's lab, and the Parade District.


Spankers come in three types, one that is a tall machine that resembles the end of an electronic conductor of some sort, another is one that hangs on the ceilings of Wellie's houses, and lastly, the ones on the streets that resemble a television with a smiling face on it. They all spark electricity towards the detected Downer.


Spankers are a common hindrance in Wellington Wells. Spankers will activate if a security system detects a person who is off their Joy, and will then proceed to zap them as long as they are in range.


  • Spankers have been shown to be controlled remotely as well, being used by Reg Cutty to force Arthur to work faster during the side quest, The Slaughterer's Apprentice.
    • Though it's very much possible that Reg manipulated the spanker to behave this way.

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