February 13, 1956
From the Desk of Victoria Byng
Executive Committee
To: Harold Grenold, Grenold Electric

Dear Mr. Grenold,
Thank you for showing off your latest prototype last Friday. I appreciate the effort and labour your craftsmen have put into the device, but I'm afraid we're not quite there yet.
The Galvanic Disciplinary Device, or “Spanker,” as one  of the lads in your workshop cheekily dubbed it, was designed by Dr. Faraday as a for the effective management of the persistent Downer problem.
I apologize for having to re-explain myself, but it is important that you are fully au fait with our intentions here.
The Spanker is NOT meant to AMUSE. It is not meant to TICKLE. It is meant to SPANK.
Please adjust the voltage accordingly. Or it may be you who are in need of a “Spanking.”

Victoria Byng

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