So Mod Magazine is a publication in Wellington Wells. The magazine did article an article about Sally Boyle and a whole special about Nick Lightbearer. So Mod Magazine only featured the most famous and note-worthy citizens on their covers[1] and thus both Sally and Nick were perfect as their respective issue's cover girl/boy. Sally and Nick made the cover of their issue into a poster and hung it in their homes (Sally's Interplanetary Travel Agency and Nick Lightbearer's Fab Pad).

Sally's Issue's Cover LinesEdit

So Mod Magazine
  • Pretty & Witty Sally Boyle - Our girl chats about some of her most outrageous looks!
  • Win a Date with Uncle Jack!
  • Drab the Fab! - Make Dashing New Threads from Laundry Lint!
  • Holiday Treat: Gelatin Surprise!
  • Top 5 Bobbies We'd Love to Rescue Us

Special Nick Lightbearer Issue's Cover LinesEdit

So Mod Magazine Special Nick Lightbearer Issue
  • The Golden God of Rock n Roll
  • Quiz! - Could YOU be Nick's Biggest Fan?
  • Mystery Girl - Who is Nick's Newest Song About?
  • Everybody Wants To Be Nick
  • Light Us Up! - Nick Tells What Makes Him Happy


  • Both covers were designed by Sarah Hamilton, a Concept Artist/Illustrator at Compulsion Games.[1]


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