Small Tables are containers found throughout Wellington Wells. They tend to appear both in Wellie's houses as well as office areas or departments.


There are four kinds of small tables.

Small Tables are white and square, they usually have a vase, books or a note on it. They tend to appear in Wellie's houses more so than other areas.

The other Small Table is also white but rectangular, they tend to appear in both Wellie's houses and in offices or departments.

End Tables are small, rectangular wooden tables with a white outline and handles. They can only found in Wellie's houses, typically close to beds. Though sometimes small tables take their place.

Credenzas are wooden sideboards with two central cupboards and has a white outline across, they only appear in Wellie's houses.


Small Table (TBA)Edit

Note that some items may appear on top of the tables as well

End Table (TBA) Edit

Credenza (TBA)Edit

Note that some items may appear on top of the credenzas as well


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