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The Skill Tree is an ability tree that allows players to enhance their character's gameplay styles in We Happy Few. Players will earn points as their character progresses in Story Mode that they can spend in the Skill Tree. The points do not carry over for each playthroughs.

There are a total of four trees for each characters but players can only learn or increase abilities in three, with the last tree being unique passive. They are Combat, Stealth, or Survival and Super-Duper.


 Icon Name Description  Effect Prerequisite Cost
Buff Health
Buff You are healthier! Add 50% Max Health. None 3
Buff HealthBuffer
Buffier You are even healthier! Add another 50% max health. Buff 5
Buff HealthBuffiest
Buffiest You are unbelievably healthier! Add yet another 50% max health. Buffier 8
Buff Tank
Tank Take less damage from most attacks. Take 15% less damage from melee attacks, explosions, electricity, and bees. Buffiest 10
Buff WaitForIt
Wait For It With a little preparation, you can give someone a real wallop. When wielding some weapons, hold (LMB) for a charged, more powerful attack. None 3
Buff CounterMeasure
Block Party A well-timed block with a weapon can knock your enemy down. 25% chance to knock down when doing a perfect block with a weapon. Wait For It 5
Buff Chainsweep
Chain Sweep Some weapons now cause damage to subsequent targets. Block Party 8
Buff WorthTheWait
Worth the Wait Prepare an even bigger wallop, with a chance to stun. Charged attacks cause 100% damage, with a 15% chance to stun. Chain Sweep 10
Buff ComboBreaker
Block Buster Chance of breaking an enemy's weapon with a successful block with your weapon. Can also stun. 25% to break enemy weapon when blocking. 10% to stun after successfully blocking a heavy attack. Chain Sweep 10
Buff IronFist
Iron Fist Unarmed hits to the head have a chance to stagger the enemy. 15% chance to stagger when unarmed melee hits. Less effective against Bobbies. None 3
Buff PackAWhallop
Pack a Wallop Do more damage hitting people! Do 15% more melee damage. Iron Fist 5
Buff StabbyStab
Bloody Hell Make them bleed... more often. Double your chance to cause bleeding with puncture/slashing weapons. Pack a Wallop 8

Survival Edit

 Icon Name Description  Effect Prerequisite Cost
Buff TrackStar
Trackstar You can sprint faster and longer. +10% springting speed

-25% stamina consumption when sprinting

None 3
Buff IronStomach
Iron Stomach Eat rotten food without getting sick Trackstar 5
Buff Hardy
Hardy You get more benefit from being well-fed, hydrated, or well rested Buffs from being well-fed,hydrated, or rested last 50% longer None 3
Buff Hauler
Hauler Carry more weight.  +50 pounds carrying capacity in your inventory. Hardy 5
Buff BuiltToLast
Craftsman Crafted weapons and atomizer wear out half as quickly. -50% degradation (when used) Hauler 8
Buff StalwartBasic
Tireless No negative effects from hunger, thirst, or exhaustion. Craftsman 15
Buff Forager
Picky Picky Plants yield more resources +1 resource None 3
Buff Haggler
Haggler Get better price when buying and selling at shopkeepers. Shopkeepers charge 125% at base price. (instead of 150%)

Shopkeepers buy at 75% at base price. (instead of 50%)

Picky Picky 5
Buff LuckyBreak
Lucky Me Find fancier loots. Loot container have higher value loot. Haggler 8
Buff PureBliss
High Tolerance Joy lasts longer, and give you less of a hangover. +50% Joy duration

-50% toxicity induced

Lucky Me 15
Buff Herbalist
Herbalist Heals better. Healing items are 50% more effective. Haggler 8
Buff SilverTongue
Hustler Get the best price possible. Shopkeeper buy and sell at base price, with no markup or discounts. Herbalist 15


 Icon Name Description  Effect Prerequisite Cost
Buff SilentSleep
Sweet Dreams Quietly choke people unconscious from behind; smother then unconscious in their beds. None 1
Buff EarsToTheGround
Ear to the Ground Notice footsteps from further away. Footprints visible x2 further whilst sneaking. Sweet Dreams 5
Buff TechFriendly
Tech Friendly Spankers, Peepers, and Jubilators take longer to detect you.   X2 Acquisition time. Ear to the Ground 8
Buff VelvetTongue
Smooth Talker Talking to people make them trust you more. Talk to NPCs reduces suspicion for twice as long. None 3
Buff TippyToes
Tippy Toes Sprint quietly. Sprinting makes no more noise than walking Smooth Talker 5
Buff BlindEye
Oh You People will ignore your annoying habits. Staring, jumping, crouching, and running no longer annoy people. Tippy Toes 5
Buff Backstabber
Backstabber Attacks on unaware enemies do double damage. x2 damage when undetected Oh You 10
Buff Misdirection
Look! Over There! Throwing distraction objects (bottles, ducks, etc.) will cause more of a distraction. . +1 NPC Attracted. +50% distraction duration. Oh You 10
Buff CorpseHandler
Body Snatcher Search and carry bodies faster. Drop bodies quietly.  Search and carry bodies 50% faster. None 3
Buff Break&Enter
Sneak Thief Silently pick lock, jimmy windows, and search containers. Jimmy bars and disarming tools last longer. 2 uses for Jimmy Bars, +1 use for Disarming tools. Body Snatcher 5
Buff NightOwl
Night Stalker Reduce visibility at night. You are -25% visible at night. Tippy Toes 8
Buff NothingToSee
Nothing To See Here Go out at night without the bobbies fussing at you. Witness will react more slowly to your trespassing, giving you more time to run away. Curfew no longer applies to player. Witnesses won't react as quickly when you're trespassing Night Stalker 10


Arthur Edit

 Icon Name Description  Effect Prerequisite Cost
Buff Herbalist
Herbalist Heal better. Healing items are 50% more effective. None 5
Buff Underburdened
Unburdened You can carry more, and being over-burdened slows you less. 25 pounds carrying capacity in your inventory. 50% less penalty for being over-burdened. Herbalist 8
Buff BigGameHunt
Big Game Hunter Choke out taller enemies. Stealth takedowns enabled on Bobbies and Doctors. Unburdened 12
Buff StalwartBasic
Tireless Remove negative effects of hunger, thirst, and exhaustion.  Big Game Hunter 15

Sally Edit

 Icon Name Description  Effect Prerequisite Cost
Buff Conformist
Blender Look like you belong there, even when you don't. Hide in plain sight.

Sleep in owned beds without upsetting anyone.

Greater chance of breaking line of sight when escaping enemies.

None 5
Buff Frenzy
Frenzy Deal double damage when health is critical. +100% damage when less than 15% health. Blender 8
Buff Alchemist
Alchemist Unlock four advance drug recipes at once. All require the unique precursors Sally can craft. Unlock recipe for Stoic, Blood Toxin, Chronobalm and Velvety Emulsion. Frenzy 12
Buff DrugLord
Double, double Yield of some crafted drugs doubled. Alchemist 15

Ollie Edit

 Icon Name Description  Effect Prerequisite Cost
Buff Cannonball
Hurler Throw things farther and do more damage. Throws 25% further.

+20% more throw damage.

None 5
Buff SluggerAgain
Slugger People you knock down may stay down. 10% for NPCs to get unconscious after a knock-down. Hurler 8
Buff Preservasionist
Proper Care Weapons wear out more slowly. Weapons degrade 25% slower. Slugger 12
Buff Warrior
Warrior Attack faster. Move faster when blocking. Blocking and attacking costs less stamina. Increased chance defeated opponent will flee. Attack 5% faster.

Blocking costs -10% stamina.

Movement penalty while blocking is 25% (instead of 50%)

10% greater chance for NPCs to flee when at low health.

Proper Care 15

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