The Shovel is a weapon and tool in We Happy Few. Traditionally, a shovel is a spaded tool used in gardening and digging holes.

In We Happy Few, on the other hand, it has two uses; as a melee weapon, and as a tool for digging holes.

The Shovel's main use is to allow the player to dig up treasure from dig spots. After finding a dig spot, the player must interact with it three times while having a shovel in their inventory in order to unearth a chest with loot in it. The durability of the shovel does not matter, as excavating a dig spot does not reduce the shovel's durability.

The Shovel can also be used as a melee weapon, although it performs quite poorly in that role; it is heavy, is very fragile and does not deal very much damage. As such, the player should avoid using a shovel as a melee weapon unless it is the only weapon they have.

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