Should Auld Acquaintance is a Story Mode quest in We Happy Few. This quest becomes available after Arthur enters Hamlyn Village.


In-Game DescriptionEdit

I need to get a Letter of Transit to get back into the Parade. But I'm an Enemy of the People, so I doubt anyone's going to give me one because I asked nicely. Maybe I can steal or forge one in the old Government Printing Office.

The front is all boarded up. How about the back?

Really no point arguing with these chaps.


After Arthur is welcomed back into civilization, he remembers that his Letter of Transit is inside of his office in the parade, preventing him from entering the Parade in the first place. Though he comes up with the idea of breaking into the abandoned Government Printing Office to forge or steal one from there, though uppon arrival, the place is boarded up.

As he enters through the big red door, a cutscene will play out where he meets his childhood friend Sally Boyle. There they are at first happy to see each other again after so many years had passed, though the conversation quickly becomes sour as Sally mentions she's close with the General and suggests that she could get a Letter of Transit from him, which Arthur denies at first, though he quickly apologizes before realizing she had disappeared when he did so.

Not too long after this, Arthur is ambushed by three Plough Boys. He can either escape from them or kill them all, once leaving the backalley, a Bobby stops Arthur, questioning him about the ruckus that just took place.


After the cutscene, Arthur gets his personal note, And Then There Was Sally.

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