Shibboleth is a Side Encounter in We Happy Few. It is random whether it appears in Lud's Holm or Eel Pie Holm.


  • Talk to the couple
  • Come back at night
  • Help them survive at night
  • Search the suitcase


Arthur will have to fend off the three Hooligans to help the new commers, Daphne and Gerald Browning survive the night.


Arthur: Um, are you guys new around here?

Daphne: We came over yesterday. Must have got a bad batch of joy, everything went all wonky.

Gerald: I had no idea how bad it is here. These people they came to rob us. You should see their eyes. They've gone feral. I don't think we’ll last the night. Will you help us?

Daphne: Don't hurt them, just scare them away. They looked so terribly hungry… And I think I recognize some of them from home.  

Gerald: This is home now, Daphne.

Gerald: We’d be dead now without you. I guess it's not true what they say about Wastrels.

Daphne: We hid a suitcase. Our Sunday best. It's all we have. The combination is ten sixty-six. I hope it helps you in some way. God be with you.

Trivia Edit

  • The player recieves the note Everybody's a Winner! after searching their suitcase.
  • If the player decides to talk to the couple, Arthur will speak as if he's mimicing that of the regular wastrels. Example: "Are we mad, or is it the world?", "I still hear them screaming, you know?", "It's not my fault, I'm being controlled by someone I never even met." etc.

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