Sergeant Oldcastle is one of the Home Guard soldiers in Wellington Wells serving under General Byng. He handles the controls of the camp's front gate.

Events in We Happy Few Edit

Act One Edit

Oldcastle is drunk thanks to Ollie allowing Arthur to enter the camp without worry.

Act Two Edit

Oldcastle welcomes Sally into the camp due to her relationship with the general.

Act Three Edit

Oldcastle refuses to let Ollie into the camp, but when Ollie claims to know about Trim street. Oldcastle relents but takes thanks to the fact Ollie can't enter directly into the camp due the main gate being bordered up.

Trivia: Edit

  • His name is a reference to real life English Lollard leader Sir John Oldcastle. Who's character was used in Shakespeare's Elizabethan play Henry V. Being a friend of Henry V, he long escaped prosecution for heresy against the Church.
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