Scouts is the name of a Memory during Act l in We Happy Few. It is found inside of the Canteen bunker in the Victory Memorial Camp.

Summary Edit

Arthur is sick and cannot go with Percy to tell the Scouts about some plants across the river, so Percy decides to stay home with his brother as he doesn't want to go without him.

Transcript Edit

Arthur: "I can't go, Percy. I feel terrible. I keep wanting to throw up. But I never quite can."

Percy: "But we're supposed to tell... But we're supposed to tell... We're supposed to tell the scouts about the plants across the river."

Arthur: "Actually, you're supposed to tell about the Scouts, while I nod sagely."

Percy: "I can't hear you."

Arthur: "You're not sick, Percy. Just go tell the Scouts about the plants."

Percy: "I can't talk to them."

Arthur: "Do you think they're going to be nasty to you without me?"

Percy: "No."

Arthur: "Well, I'm vomiting."

Percy: "I want to make my brother some tea."

Arthur: "Are you going to just not show up? ... All right. Look. I'll phone them. Just remember to turn the flame off this time, all right?"

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