A Rubbish Bin is a container and hiding spot that can be found throughout Wellington Wells. It appears as a grey, metallic, cylinder-shaped trash can/rubbish bin with two small handles on both sides and cloth bags and bottles inside of it. The player can also hide inside of it, assuming that no one sees them.

Location Edit

In the Garden District, rubbish bins can be found next to the streets, inside abandoned houses and near buildings and rubble piles. In Hamlyn Village, rubbish bins can only be found inside small side alleys and on back alleys behind houses.

Versions Edit

There are a total of three different versions of rubbish bins; standing ones with lids on them, standing ones without lids and tipped over ones.

Those with lids on them cannot be interacted with, ones that have tipped over can be interacted with but not hidden in and ones that are standing and have no lid on can be both interacted with and hidden in.

Loot Edit

Rubbish Bins spawn various kinds of low-level loot for the player to collect. Once looted, they generate new loot the next day, so they can be a useful source of basic crafting components.

Loot found inside rubbish bins includes:

Trivia Edit

  • There is an orange bottle inside of the rubbish bins, the label will say "Liddell's Dandelion & Burdock, "Drink Me", Dandelion & Burdock is a real beverage in the British Isles.
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