Ronnie Carver is a Wastrel found during Act One in Eel Pie Holm. He is found crying over a bench with a dig spot note on the table, when approached he will go on a monologue not directed at the player.

Appearance Edit

Undetermined if his appearance is randomly generated each time.

Monologue Edit

"What have I done, Reg? I didn't think you'd hear me. You're always such a sound sleeper. I just meant to sneak out with the map and then I'd pretend someone else must have dug it up."

"But you had to wake up, didn't you. And go off, like you always do. I didn't mean to hit you that hard, Reg. I was just scared. You're scary, you know that, everyone is scared of you."

"Remember when I told you I was the only one not scared of you? That was a lie. I was the one who was the most scared of you. Scared of what you'd do. Scared that you might turn on me one day."

"What am I gonna do without you? What am I gonna do? ... I'm sorry, Reg. Please forgive me. Please ... I'd apologize when we meet in heaven, but what's the odds either of us is going there? ... Forgive me."

"Please forgive me."

Trivia Edit

  • The dig spot note is covered in blood, when picked up Ronnie will immediately attack the player.
  • It is possible that he used to work for Reg Cutty.
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