Richard Arkwright is a character in We Happy Few. He is the Director and the Head Curator of the Department of Scientific Research, located in the Parade District.


Richard Arkwright wears a purple blazer with a blue turtleneck underneath, along with a pair of green denim and black pointed toes. He wears a small black top hat. He also has brown hair, a mustache, and glasses over his mask.

Events of We Happy FewEdit

Act OneEdit

Arthur Hastings enters the Department of Scientific Research to acquire a frammistat. Along the way, Arthur repairs three machines, and arranges them in a way that causes a chain reaction among them, blasting a hole through the wall of Arkwright's office. Arthur climbs up into Arkwright's office and talks with him. Arkwright asks Arthur if he is the one who repaired his machines, and upon saying, Arkwright gets very excited. Arthur points out that they simply needed power cells, and Arkwright puts down his employees, stating that they are incompetent. He offers Arthur a job, but Arthur declines and says that he's trying to get out of Wellington Wells. Though acting shocked at first, Arkwright quickly admits that he's tired of everything that's going on. Arthur asks for a frammistat, and Arkwright agrees to give him one. Additionally, Arkwright lets Arthur take whatever he needs from his office, which is accessed by the elevator behind him.

Act ThreeEdit

Ollie Starkey breaks into the Department of Scientific Research to obtain hydrogen for the Uncle Jack float, in order to escape after he makes the Executive Committee reveal the truth about the food shortage. However, Arkwright locks Ollie in for the Bobbies. Ollie uses a cannon to launch himself through the hole that Arthur made earlier into Arkwright's office. When Ollie comes to, asks Arkwright to unlock the door, and Arkwright hurriedly agrees and asks Ollie to get out.

Trivia: Edit

  • His name is a reference to English inventor Sir Richard Arkwright, who was a leading entrepreneur during the Industrial Revolution.
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