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Various content of We Happy Few were altered or removed from the final version of the game. This page lists the said content, from items to storylines.

TabMenuInventory.png Items[]




  • Air Piston
  • Box of Infinite Random
  • Caltrop
  • Charcoal Filter
  • Cocaine Syringe
  • Coca Leaf
  • Cook Book
  • Crier Hat
  • Door Code
  • Empty Can
  • Funnel
  • Glass Container
  • Gold Duck
  • Grenade Duck
  • Holster Expansion
  • Inquisitor Injector
  • Metro Map
  • Morphine Bottle
  • Morphine Syringe
  • Nails
  • Opium Pod
  • Penicillin Bottle
  • Psychotropic Pill
  • Psychotropic Syringe
  • Raw Honey
  • Rolling Pin of Doom
  • Rubberband
  • Rubber Duck Dark
  • Rubber Duck Gold
  • Rubber Duck Iridium
  • Rubber Duck Silver
  • Rubber Tubing
  • Spring
  • Snap Gun
  • Spikey Bobby Baton
  • Stamina Unique Ingredient
  • Stethoscope
  • Sugar Smoke
  • Suit Many Colours
  • Tank Scrap
  • Terror Dolly
  • Tiny Bulb
  • Tool Handle
  • Twinkle Toes Slippers
  • Winner Ticket
  • Wires


Originally, books would appear in the player's inventory, possibly as regular items that could be sold or dropped. They had descriptions, values, and weight.

The books were changed significantly over the course of development, now appearing in the player's stats menu. Some books have been removed.

Name Effect Description Value
Battler Attacks with melee weapons do slightly more damage. Stackable. Just hit a fair bit harder. 50
Breaker (Removed) Increases the chance that an opponent's weapon will break on impact. Sometimes weapons break on you. 40
Clubber Melee attacks have slight chance to kill opponent in one shot. Stackable. Sometimes you get really lucky when you hit someone. 45
Counterpuncher Blocking attacks has a chance to knock down opponents. Stackable. Sometimes when you block, you'll knock them down. 35
Creeper Decreases the amount of noise made when walking or crouch walking. You're getting sneakier. 30
Long Distance Runner Permanently increases stamina maximum slightly. Run for just a bit longer. 75
Strangler Increases the speed of stealth attacks significantly. You can choke people out a bit faster. 30
The Lurker (Removed) Shadows provide slightly more concealment. Stackable. You're getting better at lurking. 30
The Importance of Not Being Seen People stop searching for you sooner. You won't have to hide as long before people give up looking for. 25
Undertaker Picking up bodies takes much less time. Movement while carrying bodies is somewhat faster. Stackable. You're getting the hang of carrying bodies. 30

Buff IronStomach.png Food and Drinks[]









  • Maidenholm's Golf Club
  • Metal Cricket Bat
  • Pipe Hammer
  • The Strike Hammer


TabMenuNotes.png Notes[]


TabMenuQuests.png Quests[]





The yellow dressed Wastrel seen in a lineup.

A model for a Wastrellette wearing a yellow dress was made, but was eventually removed in later versions of the game for unknown reasons.

In the early access version of We Happy Few, when approaching Wastrels they would tell the player to leave them be rudely, this doesn't happen anymore.

Wastrels used to run up to the player begging for certain items, when given their requested items, they would give the player something back.

Plague Wastrels[]

During Alpha, Plague Wastrels were rather different from their current iteration.

  • Some victims had regular skin tones, others had dark blue, almost ashy, skin. And their eyes were the regular blue, green and brown.
  • They shambled around during the day and disappeared at night, but would run and attack the same way as any other unarmed Wastrel did, although it was constant with no pause between their lunges.
  • They spoke comprehensible English. They'd quote lines that regular Wastrels would when walking around, and the player could even talk to them without causing any fuss.
  • They didn't automatically attack anybody, not even the player.

During Early Access, Plague Wastrels still had many differences from their current iteration.

  • They had blotches of purple discoloration over their faces and upper body with red, bloodshot eyes.
  • They moaned and groaned like zombies.
  • They wouldn't become hostile instantly, but would instead be suspicious of the player for a short while before becoming hostile.
    • The player could, however, talk to a Plague Wastrel to dissuade their suspicion.


The old Crier dress colors.

The two crier models to the far right used to be pink and yellow, but got recolored to green and pink, respectively.

In older versions of the game, the player could give lovely bouquets to Criers to dissuade them. This is no longer possible as the item was removed.

In an earlier version of the game, a red variant of Madame Wanda could be found. It is unknown as to why this was changed.

In the launch trailer of the game, a crier attacks Arthur with a Rolling Pin, despite them never attacking the player in the actual game.


The Headmistress had two additional "screen faces", which were not used. It can be assumed that the first two were going to be used during her countdown before attacking the player.

Unused The Headmistress Screen Faces.png

Buff EarsToTheGround.png Audio[]

There's an early recording of the conversation between Arthur and Ollie, after they had infiltrated the Victory Memorial Camp. However, while the voice of Ollie is the same as the final game, Arthur's isn't.

Source: https://tcrf.net/We_Happy_Few