Reinforced Padded Suit is an outfit in We Happy Few. It is a stronger version of the Padded Suit that grants more protection from damage.

The Reinforced Padded Suit reduces damage taken from attacks like the regular Padded Suit but provides a greater damage reduction compared to the regular version. The Reinforced Padded Suit will also completely block any damage taken from bees, compared to the regular Padded Suit which simply reduces bee sting damage.

In addition to that, the Reinforced Padded Suit is thick enough to block infections, protecting the wearer from the Plague. This allows the player to safely search Plague-ridden corpses or fight Plague Wastrels without the risk of getting infected.

Appearance Edit

The Reinforced Padded Suit looks similar to the regular Padded Suit, being a makeshift double-breasted suit made from several pieces of cloth stitched together with thick padding within it. The Reinforced Padded Suit, however, is made entirely out of black and dark grey cloth stitched together with white threads. The Reinforced Padded Suit also comes with yellow-grey-brown gloves, identical to the ones seen on the Boiler Suit.

Sally's version of the reinforced padded suit is a thick padded suit that is white and pink in a diamond patteren, she also adorns pink sequin gloves. Sally is not able to craft the suit on her own, but she can buy it from Mrs. Pankhurst.

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