Regurgitation Elucidation is a side quest in We Happy Few. The player gets it during Act l when playing as Arthur once he consumes any kind of rotten food. It teaches the player how to cure food poisoning.


In-Game DescriptionEdit

The first ingredient in Sick Up Tea is charcoal. Maybe there's a fireplace somewhere? Or a campfire? Or something else burned?

I don't want to carry around charcoal in my pocket, now, do I?

The key ingredient is Night Blooming Nonsuch flowers. They, er, bloom at night, don't they?

How lovely.

Now I can make Sick Up Tea. How wonderful. And then I can make myself throw up any time I want.

Which will be, generally, whenever I've eaten something I really shouldn't.

Now I'm ready to deal with food poisoning. Although a Neximide Pill would really be a lot nicer.

Whenever I eat something that gives me food poisoning, I should drink down this Sick Up Tea, and I'll throw it right up. Sure, I'll lose my lunch, but it's better than feeling awful, having blurry vision, and losing my lunch anyway.

I feel marginally less horrible.


The quest is available at any moment, as long as the player eats something that induces food poisoning. When this is done, the player has to find the ingredients to craft Sick Up Tea.

Charcoal can be found in fireplaces, ashes, campfires and stoves. Empty Pill Bottles are found in waste/rubbish bins, desks, vanities, etc. and Nonsuches are found in the Garden District during night time.

The player can craft Sick Up Tea from their crafting tab, then drink it to get rid of the food poisoning. The player cannot drink Sick Up Tea if they don't have food poisoning.


Sick Up Tea recipe.

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