Red Bobby

A Red Bobby

The Red Bobby is a rarer, elite version of the common Blue Bobby. They wear an identical outfit to the Blue Bobby, save for it being completely red, hence their name.

Description Edit

Red Bobbies are a rarer and stronger version of the normal Blue Bobbies. Red Bobbies have much higher health than Blue Bobbies, wield more powerful weapons and are much more aggressive in combat if provoked.

Unlike Blue Bobbies, however, Red Bobbies wield Electric Truncheons or Flaming Lead Pipes as their weapon of choice, compared to the Blue Bobby's Baton.

Unlike Blue Bobbies, Red Bobbies cannot be bribed with Scotch.

Dropped items Edit

When defeated, Red Bobbies drop the same items as Blue Bobbies, minus Batons.

Locations Edit

Red Bobbies are initially quite rare, as they are only encountered as security guards inside stores (excluding the Shady Dealer and Corner Pub) in Hamlyn Village. There is always one inside each store, standing guard to the right of the shopkeeper.

Later in the game, Red Bobbies become much more common and can be encountered in great abundance in the Parade District, where they patrol the streets and buildings.



  • The Blue Bobby-Red Bobby hierarchy, where the Red Bobby is the more "elite" one, bears some resemblance to Star Wars Episodes II & III, where the Red-Robed Red Guard ranks higher than the Blue-Robed Blue Guard and is likewise considered to be the more "elite" one out of the two.
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