This note is found in the DLC, They Came From Below. It is found in Faraday's underground labs down the left staircase leading into the main hub room where the Ray Gun is first picked up and to the right on the ground by some shipment containers.
"What's the activator?"
— Roger questions after picking up the note.

Transcript Edit

October 30, 1962

With all these invading robots, I need a new method of remote switching. The Activator, after all, is based on robot voice boxes, and I've seen some evidence that they can hijack my Activator switches just by talking to them!

So I'm designing a new remote! It's based on the Activator, but instead of a mere ionization wave it actually generates a droplet of plasma! I've designed new switches that will only respond to plasma.

Also, rather conveniently, a droplet of plasma is the very thing for taking down invading robots! I feel quite a bit safer now. So long as I remember to take the damn thing with me!

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