Ravensholm is the location of the Victory Memorial Camp connected from Inkerman Bridge to Eel Pie Holm in the Garden District. The area is guarded by the fortress walls around the base, sealing off any front way in. An air raid shelter can be found but it's been barred up until Ollie Starkey blows it open in Act Three.

Points of Interest Edit

  • Boat House
  • Bog
  • Memorial Berry Patch
  • Military Bunker
  • Military Camp
  • Moonshine Still

Quests Edit

Trivia: Edit

  • There hasn't been aeroplane over Wellington Wells since 1950, the soldiers decided to close the air raid shelter since then. In Act Three, Ollie uses the explosives that were to be used on the distillery to blow open the entrance. Ollie can use the hatch from there.
  • A distillery can be found around the forest area, where Arthur Hastings can make Ollie's Strange Alcohol in side quest In The Still Of The Night.
  • There's a nearby bog where Histoplasma Mushrooms can be found near a dead solider.
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