Rats are animals found in We Happy Few. They may be the only mammals besides humans that still reside in Wellington Wells.


Rats are small, brown, furry rodents that scurry around on all fours.

Gameplay Edit

Rats can be killed and looted for their flesh.

Events in We Happy FewEdit

Rats can be seen throughout the game. In the very beginning, Arthur hallucinates seeing a pinata, which he hits, only to discover it's a huge, dead rat. Throughout the rest of the game, rats can be seen scurrying around the world. When the angry client who breaks into Sally Boyle's home finds Gwen, he believes that he is hallucinating her and that she is in fact a rat that will bite him. A former sea captain is found to be in possession of a pet rat that resides on his shoulder in place of a parrot. Since after the war, food has becoming more scarce, leading to other alternative such as rats becoming the everyday meal for most citizens and allegedly, human flesh.


  • Rats, in some ways, are not unlike the people of the game, who will resort to eating nearly anything when faced with starvation.
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