Ralph Chunder is a crazed wastrel in Lud's Holm, who lives in a small Stone Hedge style area around a motilene spill. He drinks it.

Events of We Happy Few Edit

Act I Edit

Arthur Hastings saves him from a mob that forces him to throw up motilene. After giving him Sick Up Tea, he'll reward the player with a power cell he puked into to fill up.

Act III Edit

Ralph sits atop of the stone pillars mocking the Headboys, saying he can fly away by drinking motilene. After Ollie Starkey saves him from the Headboys and climbs up to him, sarcastically says if "you really believe you can fly, take a running start a jump off the edge and take off."

Ralph takes this literally and does what Ollie dared him, killing himself in the process. Margaret Worthing scowls Ollie, who remarks people just doesn't get his sense of humour.

Trivia: Edit

  • In Act III, he says "Motilene gives you wings!", this a clear reference to the Red Bull energy drink motto "Red Bull Gives You Wings!"
  • Ralph Chunder is absent in Act Two, when the area is occupied by the Space God People.
  • The area where he lives is known as the Sacred Circle by the Weird Sisters.
  • His surname Chunder is British slang for 'to vomit'.
  • During earlier versions of the game, he had Mr. in his name. And the player had to give him a Neximide Pill instead of Sick Up Tea.
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