July, 1932
Rajasthan Central Prison

My Darling Victoria,
I'm sure your father has told his version of why I've been sent away. Please know that I love you and never intended to leave you. I hope that someday you will understand that I was doing my own Duty, just as he does his. India cannot remain under British rule any longer -- surely even he can see that?

I fear for your future if he takes you back to England. I was there for boarding school, and for all they give you your rank at table, and seat you as is proper for the daughter of a maharaja, when they look at you they see a wog. You won't be "half English." In England, you will always be a wog, no matter how hard you work to imitate their ways. I'm writing to your grandfather, asking him to take you in when your father goes back to England. He did not mean to shout at you when you called his palace "backwards" for not having electric fans; he was thinking about politics. Please be a good girl and make up for His Highness your grandfather.

I suspect that you will disregard my advice, as it comes from prison. Your father must seem like the much smarter parent right now. But someday you will know all the things that I know. I hope you will understand who you are and what your true duty is before it is too late.

Your loving,

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