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Finding a Quest during normal gameplay.

Finding a Quest during They Came From Below DLC

Finding a Quest during Lightbearer DLC.

Finding a Quest during We All Fall Down DLC.

Quests are missions or tasks the player has to complete in order to advance in We Happy Few. Quests can be encountered by visiting specific locations or when picking up objects.

When completing certain quests, the player will gain skill points that they can then spend on upgrading the character's abilities.

Story Quests

Story Quests are the main objectives of the game, these quests must be finished in order to advance and finish the game. Story quests are found in all Acts and DLCs.

The player begin every playthrough with story quests available from the start, they are not under any pressure to finish them immediately and are therefore free to explore the world and do whatever they want to do first.

Story quests are not available in Night Watch, Sandbox or Survival Mode. As these modes do not focus on the story elements of the game.

Side Quests

Side Quests are quests that are separate from the main storyline, the player is not required to complete them all in order to finish the game.

The side quests are all divided to the location the player found the quest in, so if the player found a quest in Lud's Holm or in St. George's Holm, the quest will show up under those individual headlines.

Some side quests may appear under Unknown Location Quests, these are equivelant to tutorial quests that will teach the player how to heal themselves, cure themselves from food poisoning, etc.

All Playable Character Quests

Each of the playable character's quests listed below: