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Quest Items are important items in We Happy Few scattered throughout Wellington Wells, they can be collected (or sometimes crafted) by the player. Most of these items are needed to complete story quests or even side quests.


Some items are restricted for specific characters. For example, only Sally has access to chemicals such as Pheromone, while Arthur only has access to the Press Pass, and so on. Only a few items, like the Tearstained Doll, can be collected by all three characters.

Quest Items do not have any weight or currency value, and they cannot be dropped or sold after they've been collected, given, or crafted. Because they can't be moved, the player is unable to transfer them into the pneumatic stash.

Story Quest Items[]


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Survival Quest Items[]

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The Night Watch Quest Items[]


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We All Fall Down[]

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  • In earlier versions of the game, it was possible to drop quest items, making it very easy to lose them.
    • This is probably the reason why it's impossible to drop or sell them in the final version.