Inside of Bates Shop.

Pump It Up is a Story Quest in the Lightbearer DLC. It is encountered after Nick exists the museum and talks with his agent, Virgil.


  • Buy new guitar amp from Bates' music shop
  • Talk to Shopkeeper

In-Game DescriptionEdit

My amp's too soggy, and the hotel manager confiscated my stage amp. I could buy a new one at Bate's Music Shop... if Mr. Bates doesn't still hold a grudge. Oh, good. Mrs. Bates fancies me. She'll sell me an amp!


After exiting the museum and talking to Virgil, Nick is tasked with going to the music shop to buy a new amp for his guitar, as the one he currently has is water logged.

Go to the right and climb up the platforms to get back on the streets, walk down the alleyway. Be mindful of the three upcoming fans and paparazzi attempting to ambush Nick.

Continue further and head to the right after exiting the alleyway, then head inside the shop.

Nick will enter a conversation with Kitty Bates, another fan of Nick. As she talks to Nick, her husband, Richard Bates, will pop up from under the desk, refusing to get him a new amp. This ends the quest.


Notes that the player will gather Edit

The Bobby's Wife (postbox)

Kitty's Diary

Trivia Edit

  • The name of the quest referrs to a phrase that means to turn up the volume of the music that's currently playing.
  • The rifs that the Ploughboy plays in the background would have been used as one of the serenade rifs that Nick could play, that didn't happen though.
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