Pte. Burton is a private and war veteran serving at the Victory Memorial Camp. However he deserted his post, ending up getting captured by the Headboys. He was locked up at Canary House which prevented him from warning about the stolen explosives from the Home Guard. Which the Headboys used to attack Ollie's home the Train Station.

Act Three: Edit

Ollie Starkey overhears the Headboys talking about Pte. Burton being held hostage at Canary House. After escaping the Train Station via parachute, he goes to rescue him in order to get into the camp. Freeing him Ollie asks how he got captured in the first place, Burton nervously lies saying he got lost on a walk. Margaret thinks he deserted. Ollie accusingly asks if he was taking French leave, or full out deserting. He admits that he realises that the Germans are never coming back. Giving Ollie advice to get across the bridge to Ravensholm, by telling Sergeant Oldcastle that he knows what happened on Trim Street. He says he won't be heading back now that he's deserted. Ollie wishes him farewell.

Trivia: Edit

  • Pte. Burton is likely off his Joy, having realised the truth about the German's return. He would also known he would be killed by his comrades if he told them.
  • He is the only other one that knows what happened on Trim Street.
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