Proper Suit is a craftable outfit in We Happy Few. It's a black two-piece suit made up of a suit and pants with white buttons and white outlines across many of its details. The Proper Suit has a white dress shirt and shoes, as well as a black necktie as accessory.

It is the signature outfit of Arthur Hastings, and it's also worn by many Wellies in the Parade District.

When playing as Sally, her version of the proper suit is an unusually stylish white vinyl dress with black outlines across it. Attatched to the dress are black sleeves.

When she wears the suit she's also wearing white cotton gloves that are gone when she wears her torn suit.


The Proper Suit allows the player to move around Hamlyn Village and Parade District without problems. If worn in the Garden District, however, will anger the Wastrels. It's one of the first items Arthur and Sally has access to in-game.

Ollie cannot craft the proper suit and has to rely on other clothes to fit in.

Trivia Edit

  • The Simple Suit was an earlier version of the Proper Suit
  • While Ollie Starkey cannot craft the Proper Suit, he can obtain one by searching the coffin in Col. Lawrence's house. If he wears it, it will appear in-game as his normal military uniform, but will still allow him to move around Hamlyn Village and the Parade District without raising suspicion.
  • Unlike Arthur, there are no Wellies seen wearing Sally's outfit.
  • Sally's outfit cannot be crafted as she were not taught how to sew or tinker, however, she can still buy one from Mrs. Pankhurst's Shop.
  • The model for Sally's Proper Suit is the same as Arthur's Proper Suit. The same happens for the Torn Suit.


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