Priss Mackenzie is a receptionist at Clayton Center of Art & Design in the Parade District. It is suggested that she wishes to be a model.

It's also implied in a note to Davy Hackney that the two had slept with each other while Davy was in a relationship with someone else.

Appearance Edit

While her hair style, skin color, eye color and clothes color may change on each playthrough, she always wear the same bisuness dress that other Wellettes wear in the Parade.

Events of We Happy Few Edit

Act l Edit

When Arthur first enters the centre, she volunteers to be a replacement model for her boss, Davy Hackney, but is turned down due to her chest ruining the dresses.

Act lll Edit

Ollie finds her dead, due to the Plague Wastrel outbreak.

Trivia Edit

  • Her appearance is randomized, but not her name.
  • As she walks back to the reception desk, she struts as if she were a model.
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