The Pointy Stick is a weapon used in We Happy Few. It is a Branch that has been sharpened in one end into a makeshift spear-like weapon.

The Pointy Stick is crafted from the Branch and, like the Branch, is a good starter weapon for the early stages of the game but will quickly become outclassed compared to other weapons. The player can also obtain Pointy Sticks as loot from Wastrels, albeit rarely.

In contrast to the Branch, the character will grasp and wield the Pointy Stick with both hands like a spear and thrust it forwards to stab their target, which means that the Pointy Stick does not have a sweeping attack and cannot deal damage to more than one target at a time.

It inflicts similar damage to the Branch but has the added benefit of being able to cause light bleeding, which can deal additional damage to an enemy. Like the Branch, the Pointy Stick is not very durable but is quite easy to obtain.

Crafting Edit

The Pointy Stick is crafted using the following materials:

Pointy Stick crafting

Crafting the Pointy Stick


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