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Ploughboys are a gang made up of Wellies encountered in We Happy Few. They live in Wellington Wells, residing in Hamlyn Village.

Description Edit

The Ploughboys greatly resemble American "greasers," blue pants and white shirts with black leather jackets over those. Most of them wear "biker" helmets with goggles, with the exception of their leader, who has a "slick" and "greasy" hairstyle, along with a mustache.

Events of We Happy Few Edit

Act One Edit

The Ploughboys are first encountered by Arthur after an encounter with Sally in the alley and second when is searching for Edmund "Eddie" Macmillan, the butcher's delivery boy and an old friend of Arthur's. Arthur discovers that the Ploughboys have beaten Eddie up and broken his legs, leaving him defenseless (in addition to this, Eddie is mentally challenged to some degree). Arthur tells the Ploughboys to leave Eddie alone, and to "pick on someone who can defend himself." One of them, the leader, says to Arthur, "Now why the fuck would we do that?" He then realizes that he's talking to Arthur Hastings, Victoria Byng's "pet." They jump Arthur, and are dispatched by him before he proceeds to help Eddie. They can presumably be encountered in certain areas randomly in Hamlyn Village.

Act Two Edit

The Ploughboys can be encountered again, this time by Sally Boyle twice. First when she is exiting Nick Lightbearer's Fab Pad after retrieving Faraday's favorite record. And second when she is sent by Cap'n Strawbeard to retrieve the Salty Dog from them (which contains the Hope Diamond, one of the prized jewels of England). Again, they can presumably be encountered randomly by Sally in certain areas of Hamlyn.

Trivia Edit

  • In some ways, they are the counterpart of the Headboys, who are a gang made up of Wastrels, as opposed to Wellies, and reside in the Garden District, as opposed to Hamlyn.
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