Plassey Bridge is the bridge connecting Maidenholm to St. George's Holm. It was shut down due to bridge works in Act I. It is also the name of the Story Mode quest in Act I.

Objectives Edit

  • Talk to the Bobby
  • Fix the bridge
  • Cross Plassey Bridge

In-Game Description Edit

I need to cross the Plassey Bridge to get to St. George and find Sally's house. Why do I have a bad feeling the bobby is there to prevent me from doing exactly that.

I've got everything I need to make this bridge functional. At least for me, anyway.

Now I can cross the bridge to St. George!

Now I can find Sally's house, get a Letter of Transit from her, cross the Parade, and then on to the sceptyr'd isle of Britain.

Walkthrough Edit

Arthur needs to cross the Plassey Bridge to get to St. George's Holm, from there he is one step closer to his destination. Before he can do this however, he needs to have gotten the password for the bridge from Dr. Faraday. This can be done by finishing the quest The Faraday Cage.

When Arthur has gotten the password from her, he can move on to the bridge and either disguise himself as a worker by putting on a boiler suit, or he can bribe the bobbies with Scotch, making them ignore his actions.

When the code has been put in and the switch has been flipped, Arthur can continue forth into the bridge, where he has to play four rounds of Simon Says, during this he will get dosed with Joy, it is best to wear a Gas Mask as to not endure negative effects.

Once it's over with, Arthur has now entered St. George's Holm.


  • The bridge's name is a reference to the Battle of Plassey in 23rd June, 1757. In which the British East India Company was fought against the Nawabs of Bengal and the French allies.
  • The code to the bridge is 1492.

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