This note is found in the DLC, They Came From Below. It is on top of a metal container to the first left immediately after triggering the security system in the first lab area in Faraday's facility.
"She captured a robot?"
— Roger questions after picking up the note.

Transcript Edit

February 29, 1960

Robots! Planet X is populated, as far as I can tell, only by robots! I see no sign of their masters. I suppose the radiation doesn't bother them.

I dub my new planet New Paisley! Until I find out what the proprietors call it.

Where are the owners? What do they look like?

May 7, 1960

Still no sign of the owners. Odd. Are they all dead, or did they wander off to a nicer planet and leave their robots behind to maintain the old one?

Quite a lot of radioactivity across my portal. Since I canny go across, and I am well sick of peeking through a hole, I hope I can lure a robot across to my side, and then dismantle it.

May 9, 1960

That went nicely. The robot crossed the portal and went right into my electric trap. It seems to be rather short-sighted. I can't wait to see how it is put together!

Oh, and Numpty "went on holiday." I wonder who gets his lab? They'll never give it to me, even if I am ten times smarter than Numpty Junior. Who knows, maybe I can get the robots to build me a better one! Hah!

At least in my little lab in the caverns below the house, no one ever bothers me.

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