Petunia Penny is Nick Lightbearer's ex-wife. She divorced him due to his multiple offenses, including affairs with other fans who didn't know the real him.

After the divorce she inherited 90% of Nick's money due to being favoured by the court. Petunia used the money to build the Nick Lightbearer Museum, because in her own words, "she needed to get something out of the marriage".


Finding Nick Lightbearer sneaking from his secret stash, before Nick shrunk down to size from eating them. She thwarts Nick's first attempt to get the pills angrily calling him a cheater for dating girls who don't know the real him.

The second attempt she fights Nick as a boss battle, throwing demonic electric bubbles with each insult. Finally once beaten, it's revealed Nick was fighting a compliment machine and not his actual ex-wife.



  • It is possible that the museum is actually Nick's own home, only decorated enough to appear as a museum.
  • In newspaper clippings as well as the signs in the museum shows her resentment and negative bias towards Nick.
  • In one of her monologues, she states that Nick is no fun at all, unless it's with someone's younger sister. This might've been the final straw for Petunia before finally divorcing Nick.
  • It is very possible that Petunia in the DLC is another hallucination for Nick, like Virgil is. It isn't certain if she was ever actually harmed, nor if she's dead or alive.
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