Peter Thump is an underground tunnel worker who Arthur encounters during the story quest, The Great Stink. Previously Peter had blown the whistle on co-worker Thomas Horner about the Jubilator Races to his supervisor Penelope Snug. He is soon chased down by a now crazed Thomas in a Jubilator.

Act One Edit

Peter climbs to the top of a pole, to avoid getting sucked by Thomas's Jubilator. After Arthur saves him he narrowly climbs up to the walkway banister. He tells him "I always knew he was patriotic, but not like that."

Arthur questions him on the state of collapsing tunnels. Peter ignores his question and leaves, saying it's time for his Tea Break. Though he gives Arthur a note about the Permanent Solution.

Trivia Edit

  • His name is a reference to the character Peter Thump from Shakespeare's Henry VI, Part II. In the play was master to his apprentice Thomas Horner, who betrayed and killed him.

Gallery Edit

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