You don't know me (yet!), but I'm your biggest fan. Oh, my darling, Foggy Jack. The authorities say you don't exist, but you and I know better, don't we? You cut such a dashing figure in the fog! Not that I've ever seen you, but I long to!

In my fantasy, you're following me in the foggy night, cleaver in hand, imgaining all the wicked things you'll do to me. I'm walking just ahead, hearing your soft footfalls, thrilled by a little frisson of terror. But I know that when you look into my eyes, you'll see we're soul mates. You'll take me into your strong arms, stroke my cheek gently with your cleaver, and tell me you'd never hurt me because I'm special. I'm The One.

Oh, my dearest! You can find me at the Nick Lightbearer convention. I go walking after midnight hoping we'll cross paths.

Until then, all my love,

Marianne Dashwood

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