Percival "Percy" Hastings is the older brother of Arthur Hastings in We Happy Few.

Appearance Edit

Percy is almost identical to Arthur, from facial structure to hairstyle, the main differences being that he's older, taller, and doesn't wear glasses. Also, his hair is dark brown (his brother's hair is black) and a bit untidy. Percy speaks with a slight lisp, a deeper voice than young Arthur, and sometimes struggles to get sentences straight, having to repeat himself every now and then.

Interaction Edit

Percy only appears in the Arthur's flashbacks. The player will not actually meet Percy in the game.

Events of We Happy Few Edit

Arthur remembers Percy at the beginning of the game upon seeing an article related to a competition that they won together as kids. Because of this, Arthur goes off his Joy and decides to escape Wellington Wells to go and find Percy.

As the game progresses, more and more about Percy is uncovered, including pieces of what Arthur actually did to Percy. By the end of Act One, Arthur, upon re-encountering the Constable, remembers everything he did, and is distressed by what he did. The Constable consoles Arthur and leads him out of Wellington Wells.

Trivia Edit

  • During the game, Arthur recalls that Percy was known as a 'Changeling'. This was a common reference in the early- to mid-20th Century to those suffering from neurological and behavioral disorders. Percy's behavior, especially his difficulty in understanding current events shown in Arthur's flashbacks suggests that he may have Autism Spectrum Disorder.
    • The term ‘Changeling‘ comes from European folklore. Sometimes babies were kidnapped by fairies and replaced with changelings. In reality these changelings were actually disabled babies because people didn’t have the medical knowledge.
  • Percy excelled at some things that others didn't, like Latin, which is mentioned above. He also was extremely good at chess, which irritated Arthur a lot.
  • He hated chocolate, as Arthur said in one of his cues.
  • Percy knew a lot about lilies, and often talked about them with Arthur, every time they passed the flower beds with lilies.
  • In flashback «Yellow» it's learned that Percy eats only yellow food and hates the smell of yeast.
  • Percy's name is reference to Arthurian legend Sir Percival, a knight of King Arthur's court.
  • Percy and his father never got along, usually spending most time with his mother.


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