Penelope Snug is supervisor of the Jubilator Maintenance Station, who's employees have received bad batches of Joy. Many other scenarios involving unstable tunnels on verge of collapse, workers using live cables as sparklers and poisoned muffins. According to her, half the glee club went on "holiday" due to taking off their Gas Masks to sing.

She wrote to Dr. Verloc about the bad batches of Joy, though he responds that he's been working on a "Permanent Solution".

Trivia Edit

  • It's unclear if she knows about the full extent of Dr Verloc's plan to lobotomise Wellington Wells.
  • She found out from Peter Thump that Thomas Horner was the one behind the Jubilator Races. Denying Thomas a promotion as a result.
    • He presumably killed her off as a result of this, and then went after Peter.
  • She is never seen in game.
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