October 12, 1964

I know this letter will come as a surprise. It is indisputable our two little coteries are, to speak historical-like, irreconcilebly opposed. Ploughboys and Headboys, never the twain shall meet. Like oil and grease, innit?

And yet, as you clubbed me about the head and neck during our last fracas out by the city gates last Saturday eve, it occurred to me that our two factions may have more in common than we may prefer to admit. All the things we hold so dear -- clobbering one another, shaking down local business owners, distilling bootleg spirits in the latrine -- indeed, our entire way of life, may be threatened by present events.

Would it be cheeky to suggest we bring our groups together for a snort of glue or a cuppa toilet spirits? Perhaps we could bring peace to our historically antagonistic cliques, as it were.

Pinky Cox

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