Parade District

The Parade District is a location in Wellington Wells. It is the next stop after Hamlyn Village, and is much larger in size.

Overview Edit

The Parade District is the richest and most technologically advanced Area in Wellington Wells. The elite class live here, hoarding food away from the poorer Wellies. Various businesses such as clothes store run by a fashion designer and the Joy Doctor-controlled hospital, where experiments on Plague Wastrels are conducted to create stronger versions of Joy. Elsewhere, the Broadcasting Tower can be found, which also contains the exit out of Wellington Wells. However, the exit is in disrepair and is falling apart, literally due to mining under the city, which has almost destroyed the main exit back to mainland Britain. This leads to the Britannia Bridge, the final obstacle that must be crossed in order to exit Wellington Wells.

Events of We Happy Few Edit

Act One Edit

Arthur Hastings is working in the Parade District at the beginning of the game. He accidentally discovers a picture of him and his brother Percy, and goes off his Joy. This ultimately results in him being chased out of the Parade District.

The Parade District is the final area of Wellington Wells that Arthur goes through. Arthur experiences things such as modelling for a fashion designer, fixing some "broken" machinery for an inventor, and being experimented on by a couple of Joy Doctors for their latest batch of "Coconut" Joy. Arthur manages to overcome all of these obstacles and gets into the Broadcasting Tower and escapes into the tunnels beneath the city

Act Three

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  • Arthur, it seems, is on the richer side of all of the Wellies, given that he worked in the Parade District.