Packages are special meat packages only found during the quests, Superb Meat Boy and Possibly Heinous Package.

The player is tasked in taking and delivering the Meat Delivery packages to their respective customers for Edmund MacMillan, as his legs have been broken by the Plough Boys.

Later on, Arthur gets packages from the customers and is told that it's for the local Butcher, Reg Cutty.

After that, Reg will task the player of getting another package for him, however, this package turns out to be far more suspicious compared to the other packages.

Trivia Edit

  • There was an icon for the possibly heinous package drawn by Sarah Hamilton. Though this goes unused in the final game, and the player simply has to carry the package to the Butcher.
    • This icon can be found either on Artstation, or in the book The Art of We Happy Few.
  • Strangely enough, there is another version of the suspicious package that is only accessed through console commands. Its icon is identical to the two other icons.

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