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The Outfits Tab

Outfits are clothing items in We Happy Few. They can be located in the player's Inventory by selecting the Outfits icon.

Buff TechFriendly.png Overview[]


Different outfits will conform in different districts. If the player isn't wearing the same/similar clothing as the locals, they'll soon become aggressive.

To avoid confrontation, the player should consider what clothes they wear, when they weary them, and where. There are two districts the player has to conform in; the Garden District, and Hamlyn Village. Every NPC, aside from the Plague Victims, will care about what the player wears.

Old, torn clothes will fit in with the Wastrels, and proper clothing will fit in with the Wellies. Some outfits, such as the Padded Suit, doesn't conform anywhere.

If the player is outside during curfew, NPCs won't care about what the player wears, only that they're outside past bedtime. There are outfits that'll help keep the player hidden, both during the day and night.

Do note that hats and shoes don't count for conformity.

Buff LuckyBreak.png Locations[]

Outfits, hats, and shoes are rarely found out in the open, so the player's best bet of getting the clothes they need is through crafting or purchasing from shops. Some outfits can only be gathered/unlocked through side quests.

Sally is unable to craft any clothes, meaning the player has to rely on Mrs. Pankhurst's shop, A Stitch in Time.

List of Outfits[]

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