Oblivion as seen in the epilogue cutscene

is a special kind of Joy pill that is impossible to get through normal gameplay, often described as a complete memory erasing drug that is far stronger than Joy and can wipe more memories than the subject intends to forget. 

In terms of appearance, the Oblivion pill is colored completely black.


"Are you sure you don't wish to forget, and go back?"
Constable Peters sentence as he offers Arthur a Oblivion pill.
It is uncertain of who first created Oblivion, though it can be assumed that Sally did as she has the recipe for it as well as it doesn't seem to be wildely used by the citizens of Wellington Wells.

It is alluded that Sally gave Ollie Oblivion to scramble his memories and have him forget everything he had done, this eventually made him go crazy. During one of Sally's side quests with Benedick Keyes, he begs her to give him the recipe for Oblivion, as he desperately wants to forget everything about his lover, Beatrice Gates.

It is unknown what Oblivion is made out of.

Epilogue (Spoilers)Edit

The drug is shown to Arthur by Constable Peters at the very end of the game, giving the player the same choices from the very beginning: Remember or Forget. Choosing to remember makes arthur reject the offer and continue to live with the actions he had made in the past, choosing to forget however causes him to forget everything that he had been building up to in Act I and head back to Wellington Wells.


  • Oblivion means to be in a state of being unaware or unconscious of what is happening.
  • There are multiple kinds of drugs in real life that are capable to inducine amnesia in the user.
  • The name is derived from the latin verb "obliviscor", meaning "I forget".
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