This note is found in the DLC, They Came From Below. It is found just outside Faraday's upstairs lab beside the transfer tube where the player receives the Motilene Harvester, Bee Canon and Extractor in the base game's main storyline.
"Portals! She was always talking about portals, but I never thought she'd actually be able to make one!"
— Roger's quote after picking up the note.

Transcript Edit

June 12, 1955

The Numpty-in-Chief has set me to redo all his calculations. He near blew up the lab last Wednesday by dropping a decimal point.

Haven't been sleeping well. Formulae keep chasing each other round my brain, trying to link up.

Oddest thing. One of his formulae has two answers. The first is clearly what he wants. But every number has two square roots, doesn't it? The positive and the negative. So while it could be a positive particle going forth in time, it could equally be a negative particle going backwards!

What would that mean for the curvature of space? Somehow it turns back on itself? Could you bend it all the way, to place two distant points side by side?

Of course, just because the math has two solutions doesn't mean that physical reality corresponds. Or does it?

Just try to explain any of this to His Numptiness.

January 29, 1957

The figures say I can open a portal, but I can't fix where the other end goes. That's rather useless. Most of space is space. What's the use of a portal between stars? I suppose you could name the new constellations you were seeing, whilst the void was sucking the air out of your lungs.

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