Nick Lightbearer (real name Norbert Pickles) is a character in We Happy Few. He is a famous, if somewhat faded, rock star and celebrity idol in Wellington Wells.

Nick and his band, "The Make Believes", made many famous and popular songs throughout their active career in the 1950's and early 1960's.

He is a reoccurring side character in the main campaign and is the protagonist of the Lightbearer DLC.

Events of We Happy Few

Act I

Nick Lightbearer is scheduled to lead the "Simon Says" game at St. Genesius Church but never arrives. This forces Arthur Hastings to go retrieve him, and he makes his way to Lightbearer's home.

Once Arthur is able to enter Nick's house, he discovers that Nick has become a washed-up emotional wreck, seemingly suffering from depression. This is evidenced by the countless piles of Joy Pills, Empty Glass Bottles, and Empty Pill Bottles strewn across the rooms of his house.

Arthur finds Nick in the living room, where he is sitting on the couch, holding a Power Cell in his hand and is rather down for the wear. He tries to distract Arthur about a swarm of nonexistent ducks in the other room, when this doesn't work he begins to ramble on about how his fans forgot him and how hard it has gotten to make songs.

Arthur attempts to sober him up with the idea of a bath and a cup of tea, which the rock star agrees with, but Nick is still dysfunctional from his substance abuse as he walks into the bathroom and "takes a bath" by filling the bathtub with water and stepping into it with all of his clothes on, still grasping the Power Cell.

Arthur begins questioning Nick about his behavior and tries to warn him about the Power Cell but when he does so Nick accidentally slips and drops the Power Cell into the bathwater, causing him to drop dead from the intense electric shock. This gives Arthur the idea to put on Nick's clothes, mask and hair to impersonate Lightbearer in order to commence the game of Simon Says.

Act II

Sally Boyle visits Nick's home in order to get a record for Helen Faraday, where she finds Nick lying in the Bathtub.

Because Sally has history with Nick and knows that he tends to pass out a lot when she arrives at his house, she assumes that Nick is simply passed out and continues with her quest to get the Unicorn Song.


Ollie doesn't come across Nick Lightbearer.

Events of Lightbearer

The Lightbearer DLC is what follows directly after Nick's death in the bathtub from Act I, where he resides in The Avalon Hotel for an upcomming concert. Virgil Dainty, Nick's ex-agent, is there to help guide Nick to remember what had happened to him and avenge his death, it is also with his guidance that helps Nick journey and redeem himself from Hell to Heaven.

Main Game

"You got any bennies? No? Bufos? Come on, man, you didn't bring an offering? I AM THE LORD THY GOD. Dizzy."

"The fans forget, man, they forget."

"I used to be bottled power, man."

"I'm not gonna drink it. I learned that lesson!"

"*shouts as he's electrocuted*"


"There has to be a perfectly innocent reason why a man might wake up covered in blood and not remember."

"Everyone's a critic. Especially the critics."

"Not now, lovlies. I'm just on my way out. Control yourselves!"

"You always knew how to make me feel small."

"It's not that I wanted to shag all those birds. Fans expect it. Mustn't disappoint the fans."

"Some birds just won't give a man a second chance. Or a third."

"You promised to be my helpmate! My beacon against the rocky shoals -- shores -- shoals? Things."

"You don't really expect a bottomless pit in a first-class hotel."

"They're watching me! I knew it!"

"I'm still myself on drugs, right? Just a bit more fabulous."

"I'd never do anything..actually heinous? Would I?"

"Why me? Why not his killer? Oh no no, don't think about that."

"No! No! NO! I don't want to remember! I DON'T WANT TO REMEMBER!"

"I knew I hated myself, but..."

"I wanted to be better! I just...wasn't."

"I can't be damned for something I can't even remember! I took all those drugs so- so I wouldn't remember how bad I was! AND I- I TURNED INTO SOMETHING SO MUCH WORSE!"

"That means...I didn't kill anyone! I was a witness!"

"You killed my fans! And Virgil! For what? For bloody NOTORIETY?"

"From now on, things'll be different! From now on, it's going to be a whole new Nick Lightbearer!"

Official Arthwork

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  • Nick plays his guitar left handed, and throws his golden records with his right hand. This suggests that he's ambidextrous.
  • Nick never actually wanted to cheat on his wife with his fans, he only did what the fans expected out of him, this is repeatedly shown throughout the DLC.
  • The name "Nick Lightbearer" has some very dark connotations, as "Old Nick" is a slang word for Satan (the Devil) and "Lightbearer" refers to Lucifer, the archangel that rebelled against God, was cast out of heaven and became the Devil.
    • The Lightbearer DLC that he stars in is also based on The Divine Comedy, with further religious references throughout the DLC.


  • In his game over death screen, a news article states that Nick went on a world tour.
  • There is a compliment machine in Nick Lightbearers house by the front door that the player is only able to get to by using console commands.
  • When examining Nick's body in Act I as Arthur, it says that he is "Deceased", implying that he died from the electroshock. In Act II, however, when examining Nick's Body as Sally, it says that he is "Unconscious".
    • It's possible that Sally only assumes he is unconscious since she knows Nick is a heavy drug user who tends to pass out a lot, but because Arthur witnessed the accident happening before his very eyes, he knows he's dead.
    • It's also possible that Nick would've ended up knocked out/dead in the bathtub no matter what, just in case the player didn't go through Arthur's quest.

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